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Any type of construction takes time, commitment and confidence. Whether to build a relationship, a project or an enterprise.

For us, transparency and commitment to deadlines and costs are mandatory and strictly met, as well as the level of excellence and quality of our deliveries.

That's because we don't just want to deliver a work: we want to build a relationship!

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It is in the DNA of a | w: each work is unique, each client is unique. We execute the most challenging projects on the market. Our delivery, on time, within budget and with quality, delights the customer and establishes a lasting relationship with him. We believe in relationships built with transparency, delivery and responsibility.

We offer a unique service in the corporate interior construction market. We have a structure that promotes support, not only to the engineering team of a | w, but mainly to the customer. Our internal consultants in all disciplines, our quality and safety team and our planning and cost team support the field team and the customer in defining the best engineering strategies and solutions.

Through an interactive technology platform, we were able to bring together designers, suppliers, consultants, managers and customers in order to provide a complete view of the process, ensuring transparency and agility.


A|W revitalizes buildings to factory warehouses, bringing them innovative and functional designs. Everything according to the needs of each client.

With multidisciplinary expertise, which encompasses the vision of the largest architectural firm in Latin America and one of the 20 largest construction companies in the country, A|W is able to look at the project from different points of view. Thus, it carries out an investigative work of each client's business, to analyze and compare desire/need.

Revitalization has the power to transform the brand image, enhance the entire environment and also change the functionality of spaces, making it a great option for companies that already have the space but want to make it more sustainable and appropriate for today's times.

The stages of a retrofit work are: controlled demolition, reinforcement of structure, closing, finishing, replacement and modernization of electrical, telephony and data, hydraulics and air conditioning, raised floor and facade.


A | W has already been responsible for the development of large logistics centers, car factories, food, consumer goods and even Volkswagen's largest auto parts center. With almost 15 years of experience in the manufacturing project sector, A | W uses all its expertise in construction and architecture, to build buildings that are really functional and suitable for each operation. All with strict safety management, sustainable solutions that value resource savings and considerably minimize the impact on the environment. In addition, the management of the entire construction process is done online and can be followed in detail. From light industries and laboratories to large retail warehouses, A | W guarantees safe, transparent and agile delivery.


When we deliver the buildings, we must not forget a great responsibility: creating unique experiences for each person who is going to interact with that space. At A|W, we don't just deliver an empty structure, but an area ready to cover different technologies, the most varied interior projects and a space capable of welcoming, entertaining and inspiring. This is only possible thanks to a multidisciplinary team, which thinks of the building as a whole and offers solutions in the most diverse areas of architecture and engineering.

Today, we are the largest architectural firm in Latin America and one of the 20 largest construction companies in the country. With integrated process management and the support of all areas, we offer the necessary structure to erect buildings, transmitting all the confidence that our customers need when closing the deal.


The places dedicated to education are always reinventing themselves and the way to build them too. A|W works in the construction of educational buildings, whether they are more traditional and sober or disruptive with bold designs. Speaking of buildings that will harbor thoughts that can change the future, we are an example in sustainability, working only with ecologically sustainable materials and with minimal solid waste.

With the support of our architectural front focused on the educational sector, we have the necessary expertise to carry out the work, guaranteeing all the specifications and needs pointed out in the project. Our team analyzes the project, even if it was not designed by our office, and perfectly executes every detail provided. In addition, we have the entire structure that only one of the 20 largest construction companies in the country can offer, guaranteeing a deadline, a combined budget and an inspiring delivery.


Talking about healthcare environments is more complex than you think: there is a concern that goes beyond the delivery of a layout. It is necessary to build integrated and innovative spaces that are functional and also encourage the promotion of the patient's life, providing a unique experience.

It is necessary to look at the design of the operation and be able to place under a single roof a series of structures that make up the excellence of a complete environment: hospitality, cleanliness, logistics, food, among others.

We are the largest architectural firm in Latin America, one of the 20 largest construction companies in the country and we have the best solutions to meet the needs of your business.