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Dia Mundial da Saúde

World Health Day

There could not be a more appropriate time to highlight the work of health professionals. In the midst of a crisis that came without warning, the recommendation was for everyone to preserve themselves. But, to keep the population assisted, to ensure that everyone had a dignified service in case of need, some professionals were unable to isolate themselves. Without hesitation, they formed a tireless combat team.

We know that the shifts are longer, the battles more arduous and some defeats more evident. But we also know that this whole scenario makes the victories even more celebrated. And you have won. Very!

In World Health Week, we want to praise the heroes who do wear a mask, uniform and who are on the front lines in this intense battle against the coronavirus. It is thanks to the efforts and sacrifices of each of you that we can feel supported in the midst of so much insecurity.

And we know that even caregivers need care. This fearless dedication is what motivates us to continue creating spaces that inspire life.

For this reason, we would like to thank each of our clients who entrusted us with such an important mission: Hospital Sírio Libanês, Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, Rede D'Or, Fleury, Hospital Samaritano, IGESP, UNIMED, Novamed, CarePlus, A Canario, A + , AC Camargo, Careplus, DASA, NotreDame Intermédica Group, H.Cor, Leforte Hospital, Vera Cruz Hospital and UNIDI.

Thank you for trusting Athié Wohnrath to inspire your heroes. We commit to always planning and building spaces that shelter and care not only for patients, but for their doctors and nurses. We know that the whole team needs care. You can count on us to continue on this path that inspires affection, health and life.

See some projects and works that make us proud in the health area:



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