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Feliz Dia do Facilities

Feliz Dia do Facilities

Turn challenges into opportunities. Currently, we have heard many phrases like this. Because of the isolation, all of a sudden we all need to go out of our way to take care of everything: remote work, taking care of the house, giving attention to the children, thinking about lunch, dinner, not letting work income drop, attending meetings, if take care and more.

This phase in which we all have to become multitasking is practically the daily life of Facilities professionals. If we are almost going crazy amid so many things to do, this professional can show us that dealing with so many problems is, yes, possible.

Facilities are responsible for the correct functioning of processes within companies and for the integration of people and places. Thinking about the change of office, the restructuring of spaces and the well-being of employees are some of the tasks of this professional.

What does it take to be a good facilities manager ?! In addition to putting into practice the translation of the function (of being a facilitator), it is doing everything with an extra dose of love, dedication and always being very informed, after all, the world keeps changing. And, of changes, they understand.

Today is FM World Day, a day dedicated to celebrating this very recent and important profession today. After all, for the whole show to be enjoyed, a lot of people need to work behind the scenes. And they deserve as much applause as the show's protagonists. Thank you very much and congratulations on this very challenging and inspiring profession.

Outline good strategies, enjoy serving, appreciate challenges, be a skilled problem solver and always overcome yourself. These are not only desirable characteristics in anyone, but fundamental qualities in each professional who has chosen to work in the facilities area.

These professionals shine behind the scenes while the company plays its best role. We know that a show does not happen if the whole production is not efficient enough to give security to the protagonists. You are more than our security: you are our certainty that it is always possible to go further.

And today is the day to take the light off the stage to give visibility to these professionals so important for any company. On the world day of Facilities Manager, here is our thanks and congratulations from the entire Athié Wohnrath team to those who go to great lengths so that everything goes exactly as it should.

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