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Como ter uma boa iluminação para Home Office?

Por Solange Costa A iluminação no home office é muito importante para a produtividade. Precisamos pensar no espaço tendo uma […]

Wellness: the next trillion dollar industry

“Well-being: the next trillion dollar industry” By Camila Nagay It is not today that companies have been investing […]

Design biofílico: entenda o conceito na prática

Por: Cynthia Matos Design biofílico:: conceito muito discutido hoje na arquitetura do mundo todo como solução para transformar os espaços […]

Cenografia e sua interferência nos espaços

Due to technological evolution, looking at each space goes beyond human vision. This situation paves the way for […]

Feliz Dia do Facilities

Turn challenges into opportunities. Currently, we have heard many phrases like this. Due to the isolation, suddenly we all need to […]


Innovation is everywhere, including in new work formats that preach agility, but, after all, what is […]

World Education Day

Today is the day to look outside. We realize that learning goes beyond four walls. Teachers, advisors, principals […]

World Health Day

There could not be a more appropriate time to highlight the work of health professionals. In the midst of a crisis that […]

Smart Spaces

Squad is a concept of cross-functional team spaces that have been a trend in work organizations. Breaking traditional patterns, [...]

Change Management

Claudia Andrade, A|W NEW Architecture Director at Athié Wohnrath, shares in her new article the concepts of Change Management [...]