For us, striking projects are those that reflect the way people are and the values of companies. For more than two decades, this is the criterion applied in all our areas of activity: Architecture, Construction and Technology. More than the design and construction of innovative spaces with excellence and differentiated developments we want to create environments that provide unique experiences and are attractive in their most varied forms.

Our multidisciplinary teams of architects, designers and engineers develop together numerous solutions using their own methodology, with integrated, fast, consistent and safe decisions. All this expertise goes beyond territorial barriers: our offices in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and international alliances make our Group responsible for thousands of projects.

What we agree with our clients at the beginning of works guides us up to the delivery of works: compliance with deadlines, budget, quality and innovation. We are a company committed to results and that works to increase productivity and client satisfaction, building innovative spaces that inspire creative talent and promote people well-being.

With a team passionate for its work, we are ahead of market trends and follow the business evolution to offer the main players of the national economy high performance solutions in architecture, construction and technology.


Sustainable Development

We adopt sustainable management in our projects.
We avoid waste and encourage the use of long life products.

We get ahead

We are curious and make continuous efforts to bring the new, as agents of changes that positively impact on people life.
We anticipate trends; we get ahead and guide our clients!

Safety in 1st place

We guarantee our daily safety and good working conditions; we care for people integrity.
We strictly follow security standards and procedures.

No omission

We do not accept omission, lies or negligence. We are transparent with every people: employees, clients and suppliers!
We are committed to work; we do what has to be done at the right time, taking responsibility.

We are a team

None of us is as good as all of us together!

Collaborative work between different areas of expertise is what allows us to offer better results. We work together in synergy! We understand that each person is unique and we relate to everybody positively, respecting differences!


We love our work and we work hard. We are proud to belong to AW and practice each one of company's values. We mobilize people to the same objective through positive actions. We encourage individual development and recognize our people.

Management for results

We are determined to ensure results.
We grew up on solid financial bases, generating the necessary profitability for our development.

Obsession for quality

We are obsessed about quality and methodology, strictly complying with what was agreed with the client.



Through practices aligned to important values such as respect and professionalism, Athié Wohnrath sows ideas that strengthen and reaffirm the commitment to develop projects that do not harm the environment and comply with key standards and regulations.

Our commitment to sustainability is not only to meet clients' requirements. The strategies adopted to reduce water consumption, obtain energy efficiency and ensure conservation of resources promote innovation, reduce risks and result in long life projects and substantial investment return.

The results are evidenced by the significant position of Athié Wohnrath in LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) accredited projects, an international certification granted by the USGBC (United States Green Building Council).


Princípios de Sustentabilidade

For us it is ethically accepted the professional attitude that respects the principles described in this document, and that does not expose the credibility and reputation of the company.

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A team that works with soul

Our people look ahead, anticipating trends in order to ensure the expected results.

We are made up of connected and transparent people
that pratice sustainable development
and cherish care for life.

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