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We are Athié Wohnrath Construction and Architecture

Athié Wohnrath: we build places to inspire people

For 30 years, Athié Wohnrath has specialized in transforming ideas and inspirations into memorable spaces. We are the leading company in corporate architecture in Latin America and one of the largest construction companies in Brazil.

Athié Wohnrath: commitment that inspires thousands of customers

Founded in 1994 by Sergio Athié and Ivo Wohnrath, our commitment is to innovation, sustainability and excellence in design, always focusing on people and the functionality of spaces.

QSMS Policy

Our story

30+ years
in the market
94 certifications
1000+ customers

Our team

Our team is made up of highly qualified professionals, who work in an integrated manner to offer complete solutions to our clients. From initial concept to final delivery, each project is a unique journey, created to reflect the identity and values of those who hire us.

With architects, engineers and specialists from the most diverse areas, at a|w projects and works are closely monitored by a complete team in-house, ensuring agility in processes and attention to detail.

Our partners


“Designing and building spaces designed to improve people’s lives is much more than our work, it is our mission.”


“We always try to represent a lot of the identity of each organization at that moment in which it is living. Our mission is to portray this in our projects”

How we act

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in discipline used in each project or work. With a real obsession with quality, we always seek to surprise and exceed expectations in our wow delivery!

A management for results is at the heart of our work, ensuring that every action and decision contributes to the success of our deliveries.

A obsession with quality is evident in every project, with meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to the highest standards.

We adopt a policy of non-omission, facing challenges head-on, always ensuring safety first and taking responsibility for our actions. This allows us get ahead, anticipating trends and quickly adapting to market changes.

We are a team that works together to ensure that the pride a|w be a constant in our days.

get inspired

inspires innovation

For us, sustainability is a fundamental pillar, reflecting our commitment to the future of the planet and to innovation in architecture and civil construction.

This concern is evidenced in an important milestone: we are the leading Brazilian office in LEED certifications, with a total of 94 certifications.

Each LEED certification we achieve reaffirms our commitment to sustainable practices and delivering solutions that benefit both our customers and the world around us.

Our values

by quality
for results
a team
in 1st place
We left
Relationship Principles

In order to align our conduct, we developed the A|W Relationship Principles. A document that makes our culture, beliefs and policies explicit. Download the PDF and enjoy reading.

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