Corporate Work Manager

Responsible for implementing the work, in accordance with the contract execution schedule and AW's quality standards.

Among your responsibilities, you are responsible for:

* Make the necessary adjustments to reach the agreed deadline, without any interruptions or overlapping of services in the final stretch;
* Supervise the work to keep it organized and clean;
* Ensure the execution of the work within the quality and safety requirements of the work;
* Ensure the integrity of materials stored and in use;
* Carry out service measurements, within the time defined by the contract, accurately and impartially.

Required qualifications:

# Technical knowledge in architecture and engineering;
# Reading and interpretation of projects;
# Safety and quality procedures;
# Planning and management of processes (schedules, works and pending issues);
# MS Project domain;
# Team management;
# Business vision focused on results, organization and discipline.

Model: In person
Location: São Paulo

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